Quess Staffing migrates 11000+ employees in 12 days for a leading apparel company


The client is India’s largest manufacturing and retail branded-fashion apparel company. The company operates in 34 countries across the globe, with a force of over 120,000 employees of different nationalities.

The Challenge

The project was for onboarding 11000+ employees who were working at various retail and modern trade outlets of the client in sales and sales-related profiles. The challenge was to complete the onboarding in 12 days without hampering the client’s business operations. Per day target was to complete the onboarding of around 1300 employees.


The migration was planned over a mobile application platform for all the employees for flexibility in finishing the onboarding process whenever they were off duty. Communication regarding the transition was sent to the employee’s registered mobile numbers through SMS and emails. Also, a backend support team was created that monitored the onboarding activity in real-time and shared updates hourly to internal and external managers.


The 12 day project was successfully completed by Quess Staffing without any disruption to the client’s operations.

  • Onboarding activity was successfully completed as per schedule.
  • Employees were delighted with the prompt response from Quess.
  • Salaries were transferred on time with 100% bank transfer.
  • Seamless planning and execution of the migration activity.